Post-workout nutrition

On Saturday, my running club had a little potluck after our 8.5-mile run (leading up to the Carlsbad Half Marathon next weekend). Since I knew most people would bring carbs (and unhealthy ones at that), I brought a bag of cashews!

Well I was right on the money. Everyone brought some form of carb- bananas, lots of bagels, DONUTS, muffins, little cakes, gatorade…it was an insulin increase party! My cashews were actually a big hit, so I think some people were able to slow down their insulin release (and inflammatory response in the body).

I ended up grabbing a half a bagel and slathering it with yummy strawberry cream cheese. Definitely not the meal of champions, but much healthier than most of my other options. When I got home later I ate a real breakfast of goat’s milk yogurt, protein powder, and cashews!

Protein IS important after a workout, particularly a challenging one (like most of my runs these days!). The myth of carb loading and post-workout carbs goes on…but if you are desiring of a fit and healthy body, you are much better off with a balance of protein, fat, and carbs than to join the crowd and negate the positive effects of the workout you just did!

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