The Four Hour Work Week & Your Perfect Body

The other day I received my copy of Tim Ferriss’ latest expanded version of his NY Times bestseller The Four Hour Workweek, and began to read it. Some of it for me is review, since I read the first version cover to cover.

One of the first sections in the book is about breaking through fears. He gives an exercise of writing down the worst case scenario, if you were to say, quit your job and go for what you want. Perfect timing as I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I want in my life recently, and what fears I need to overcome to get it!

Anyway, the exercise involves writing out the worst case scenario as you see it happening. Would you end up broke? Lose friends? Have to work a menial job to get by? Move to a smaller place? Often, the worst case scenarios that many of us dread are not really that bad at all. Yes, making changes and going for what you want will definitely involve stretching yourself a bit and pushing through your comfort zone. But usually, these drummed up negative scenarios in our heads do not involve death or physical pain!

How does this relate to fitness, health, and weight loss?

Well, the worst case scenario exercise can apply to any major change you are trying to implement in your life. Believe it or not, positive changes we are trying to make are often met with lots of resistance in our minds! This resistance is simply fear, and irrationally-based fear at that. Achieving your best possible body will change your life! It’s not surprising that it is a difficult psychological adjustment. What will friends think? What will family think? Will I still be accepted in my peer groups? Will I have to give up every food I love?

The bottom line is, those who would not accept you for making positive changes in your life are not worth keeping around anyway! The idea of sacrificing things that you love is nullified as you change your eating lifestyle, rather than “go on a diet”.

So what catastrophes are you creating in your mind that are preventing you from getting everything you want in life?

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