10 – Magic bullets and holy grail of weight loss


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Yoga can be good for your health

The 10 Most Beloved and Unhealthy Gaming Snacks by Shaun Clayton

The 10 Most Beloved and Unhealthy Gaming Snacks

Beware the prepackaged, processed foodstuffs

Diet Pills Show Weight-Loss Promise by Brian Rooney and Bonnie Mclean

Introspection is key to understanding your feelings related to cravings and eating habits

Acting like you’re possessed by an eating demon or like you’re a rapacious zombie is a sign of emotional self-estrangement and a lack of self-responsibility

Diet drugs are band-aides that don’t deal with the root cause of bad eating habits and mental states

Nutritional misinformation and oftentimes disinformation by the so-called experts keep people unhealthy

Dealing with psychological processes rather than “disease states” is most helpful for weight loss and health and fitness issues

Engaging in preventative maintenance is far better than doing damage control at the doctor’s office

No “magic pill” can substitute for psychological insight and self-reliance

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