9 – Portion control, protein requirements, physical activity


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What are some of your challenges with fitness and getting down to the right weight?

Unfortunately, in most restaurants the macronutrient portions are skewed in favor of bread and cereal carbs

For other animals, a lot of their time is spent eating and digesting what’s been eaten

Get adequate protein, enough fat for energy, and round out the balance with veggies and some fruits

Eating lots of carbs creates a desire to eat more carbs, leading to increased body fat percentage

Snacking with fatty food, like nuts, is a good way to prevent overindulging

Portion control is about self-regulation; mindfulness is key, as is the eyeball method

Calculate your daily protein requirement based on your lean body mass (weight minus your body fat); though it depends on your activity level, typically a gram of protein per kilogram of body weight (up to a gram per pound of body weight when doing lots of weight training)

You don’t have to run in order to lose weight! There are many forms of healthy exercise–and mp3 players to break the monotony

To obtain and maintain a healthy body weight, mainly focus on proper nutrition

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