142 – Nanobodies for resolving the pandemic, perspectives on sexuality and violence, boundaries, bodily integration


Treating our bodies well with optimal nutrition (lower carb/keto, Primal/Paleo/Carnivorish) can help a lot during this trying pandemic. Engineered nanobodies, which are both relatively inexpensive and easy to produce, are being reported on more now, since UCSF promoted AeroNabs unprecedented potency against SARS CoV-2 (way more potent than vaccines, and potentially safer). Let’s hope they finally get to market to end this pandemic. On the psychological side of things, Branden’s question set advises adults to educate children about their bodies appropriate to their development and to deal with the nature of sexuality in healthy ways, thereby honoring boundaries and self-esteem. Parents can be compassionate first responders to bodily experiences. Tragically, shame, guilt, rights violations, and secrecy are still part of our culture, and violence is commonly portrayed as necessary or ok. We need to foster (and live in) vibrant, insightful, and nourishing spaces of understanding and empathy in these matters. Finally, https://theembodimentconference.org/ is offering free viewing during the 2nd weekend of November.

The race to make COVID antibody therapies cheaper and more potent by Heidi Ledford


Two books by Nathaniel Branden containing the important questions about childhood

Question # 22. Did your parents encourage you in the direction of having a healthy affirmative attitude toward sex and toward your own body? Or a negative attitude? Or did they treat the entire subject as nonexistent?


another cool book…
The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson


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