132 – Understanding domination thinking and systems amidst crises, cultivating potentialities


In times of major societal stress, like today, it’s vital to practice self-acceptance, self-empathy, and self-compassion. Currently, America is trying to make sense of and deal with systemic injustices involving racism that stem from the time of slavery. Needs for respect, choice, and justice have been sacrificed. The punishment paradigm remains a major deleterious factor. Dehumanization of the “other” (such as name calling) is an all-too-common process, along with making demands, deserve-oriented thinking, and denial of responsibility. In the midst of conflict we need practices of de-escalation, harm reduction, and peacemaking—yet these are typically foregone by the coercive monopoly of governmental policing. The “war on drugs” has been, and continues to be, a war on people, in violation of individual rights and property rights. Racist notions in our culture reflect sacrifices of self-confidence and self-worth, then projected onto others. Whenever rights are violated, restorative justice is needed. Parents and other adults who believe in and support children’s intellectual and creative potentialities can cultivate a healed world, in which respectful and enriching human interactions are enduring themes.

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