130 – Testing options, psychedelic journeys into self and reality, steep price of punishment


As the pandemic continues, we are still waiting for availability of at-home testing (both molecular and serological), which will be able to shine a vital light for people to make sound decisions (instead of just following governmental orders). Throughout most of this episode, I explain aspects of my psilocybin-assisted therapeutic experiences, connecting to self and to what truly matters in life. The so-called struggles with ego represent a loss of wondrous child-self connection to love. Compassion and acceptance and empathy are the healing salve, even when the struggles appear unending due to fear, leading to control and the rest. Experiencing the entire spectrum of emotions, from utter sadness to joyful laughter can enable us to be fully alive and resilient.

Currently, Quest Diagnostics is offering antibody testing (presently $119) to be performed at a location near you and test results in 3-4 days:

Covid-19 antibody tests face a very specific problem by Elizabeth Cairns

geeky article about risk probabilities:
So You’re Going Outside: A Physics-Based Coronavirus Infection Risk Estimator for Leaving the House by Elena Polozova

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence by Michael Pollan

the 3-day group retreat I attended in 2018:
Playlist (Psilocybin for depression, Imperial College London, version 1.3)
an informative short documentary:
The Mind Explorers: A Psychedelic Weekend (Magic Truffles Documentary) | Real Stories Original
another 3-day group retreat:

Two books by Nathaniel Branden containing the important questions about childhood

Question #10. Was it your parents’ practice to punish you or discipline you by striking or beating you?

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Kosheen – All in my head (Planet Funk Remix)