79 – Entering The Zone with Dr. Barry Sears, part 1


(duration 31:15)

This is the first half of our interview with Barry Sears, PhD, in which we discuss the nature of eicosanoids and in particular arachidonic acid in relation to metabolic health and overall health. Excessive carbohydrate consumption (which is terribly easy to do in our culture) coupled with excess omega 6 fatty acid consumption (and minimal omega 3 fatty acid consumption) tend to lead to chronic inflammation and disease states. The ratio of (long chain) arachidonic acid to (long chain) eicosapentaenoic should be around 1 to 2, but in most individuals it’s much higher, which is due primarily to unhealthy diets—diets not fashioned for our genes. Massive changes in our nutrient intake from our Paleolithic origins can deleteriously affect our levels of hormones, especially the hormones that control the inflammation process. Even if you’re thin, it’s still important to eat foods (and macronutrient ratios) that don’t contribute to insulin resistance and lipotoxicity.

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