Cheat Day: Everyone’s Favorite Excuse

April 27, 2011

I wrote a post about cheat days, which have been around in concept for a long time but suddenly become a trendy diet topic thrown around recently, thanks in part to Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body book.

Some people agreed with my points on cheat days, but others were mad at me. They blame me for trying to take away their favorite carb indulgences!

But I have no interest in taking away anything from anyone.

I just want to point out what you are setting yourself up for when you implement cheat days in your diet. Basically, you are setting yourself up for failure.

You know how many cheat days I have in my diet?

I don’t count, because I “cheat” nearly every day!

Rather than “go on a diet”, and attempt to implement a short term solution to getting into shape, consider a lifestyle change that will leave you with more energy, put you in a better mood, and allow you to not even want to feed your body junk for 24 hours! This is not a diet and you won’t have any guilt if you have an unhealthy food item, or even a couple of unhealthy meals.

Your body doesn’t know what day of the week it is!

The idea is to incorporate health into your life permanently. A great way to do this is via the sentence completion plan in the back of our Healthy Mind Fit Body book. The time investment is minimal as compared to how much better you will look and feel! Excuses like cheat days will no longer stop you from getting down to your perfect weight.

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2 comments on “Cheat Day: Everyone’s Favorite Excuse

  1. Unlimited cheat days? I guess everything’s possible with a healthy mind. The book is a pretty big temptation.

  2. Well, I can see how some might take “because I ‘cheat’ nearly every day” as a blank check to indulge in not-so-healthy foods. Yet, when one becomes aligned mentally with a healthy lifestyle, one typically desires (even craves) healthy foods instead of unhealthy ones, and chooses accordingly. Cheating in this sense isn’t a deliberate methodology to eat not-so-healthy foods (so that one can keep eating healthy foods by and large), but rather primarily a way to look at healthy foods as delicious and secondarily as an incidental part of interfacing with the various foods in our midst.

    Stay tuned for our new addition to our book package, which will be dealing with this issue in much more depth and offering ways to beneficially come to terms with and overcome the cheat-day mindset.

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