68 – Body image issues


(duration 26:17)

In this show we discuss  various psychological patterns in body image issues found on bodyconfession.com, a new site by Diana Spechler, whom we’ll be interviewing in a few weeks about her upcoming novel. Body image is affected adversely by comparison contests in your mind. Self-acceptance–i.e., owning those disowned parts of yourself–is key, as is correct nutritional and fitness information. For instance, cravings for sweets can be dealt with by eating a piece of dark chocolate or healthy fruit and even adding stevia, rather than eating cupcakes (or name your high-carb poison). To cultivate trust in being able to treat your body well is to also honor your self-worth, actualizing your potential as an expressive, joyful, and playful person. Also, if you examine your feelings as stemming from unmet needs, you can devise life-enriching strategies to get all your needs met. Ultimately, “Nothing tastes as good as feeling good about yourself.” :)

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