Hidden Poison in Your Food

Did you know there could be poison in some of your favorite processed foods? Everything from bread and crackers to chips, cookies, energy bars, and frozen pizza, and thousands of more packaged goods, are examples of foods with this hidden killer. The poison in these foods is called partially hydrogenated fat, often called trans-fatty acids.

Trans-fatty acids are usually made from a vegetable oil like soybean, cottonseed, corn, or rapeseed (canola). Those oils have been treated by a process called hydrogenation where it is highly processed to make it a solid at room temperature.

When margarine first came on the market, consumers were fed a brain-washing marketing scam that told them that if they replaced butter with this margarine, their risks of heart disease and cancer would be lowered. That didn’t happen – in fact, it later became evident that the chemical process used to solidify vegetable oils to make them look like a saturated fat actually caused the very illnesses they were trying to avoid!

Harmful effects of trans-fatty acids:

-cause you to burn sugar and store fat

-increase levels of LDL (low-density lipoproteins) or “bad” cholesterol

-decrease levles of HDL (high-density lipoproteins) or “good” cholesterol

-increase your perception of pain

According to the law, as of 2006, food manufacturers must list trans fats on the nutritional information labels on foods and so now consumers may be more aware of what is in their food. However, some manufacturers try to convince you that their products are “low in trans fats” by advertising as such…but keep in mind that even small amounts are harmful!

To be safe, avoid all foods containing any amount of trans-fatty acids. Most foods that sit on a shelf (baked goods, snacks, peanut butter, cookies, crackers, and candy bars) will contain hydrogenated – or partially hydrogenated – oils. Even some “healthy” diet products marketed for weight loss contain this poison!

Don’t go with the crowd and eat that stuff just because it’s there, or because everyone else is. Convenience is not more important than your health. Read those labels!

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