Low Carb Lunch

I wrote about breakfast a few posts ago, but what about lunch?

How can you eat a healthy, low carb lunch, when many of us are so used to the traditional sandwich, where there’s more bread than anything else!

When I first started cutting my carbs, for lunch I usually just took off one slice of bread- so I ate my sandwiches “tostada style”- putting the meat and cheese on the bread instead of between two slices. This cutting out of 20g of carbohydrates every day did wonders for my energy levels in the afternoon, as well as for flattening out my stomach!

Still, I’ve come to the realization more recently that grains are not healthy- so why do I still eat them, even in small quantities?

I’ve switched my lunches to something like this:

About a cup of frozen broccoli, thawed in the microwave
Sprinkle olive oil and sea salt on the broccoli
Add a tablespoon or 2 of guacamole
Add sliced turkey, roast beef, or turkey
Stir and eat!

You can easily replace the broccoli with artichoke, or your favorite green vegetable.

I’ve also just found out about using broccoli leaves in place of bread! I haven’t figured out where to get broccoli leaves, but if anyone knows, please comment here, I’d love to try this!

For dessert, I’ll have an apple with almond butter or an apple with some cashews.

This lunch keeps me full throughout the afternoon with no crash!

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