Making the connections

Today on the Healthy Mind Fit Body Podcast, we interviewed Tom Naughton, comedian and creator of the documentary Fathead.

In part of our discussion, he talked about his kids and how they also eat low carb for the most part. For the most part he lets his kids have freedom in what they eat, but they still gravitate more towards healthy fats and proteins rather than the massive carbs that most kids are consuming. Instead of feeling like they were deprived of all the desserts and empty calories their friends were downing, they no longer connect those things with a good or positive feeling!

This got me thinking. When I overcame my carb addictions, what made it easier for me was making associations. Instead of associating carbs like cereal, pasta and sugar with health and fitness, I began to see them as adding fat to my gut and slowing me down, both physically and mentally. When I was able to make this mental association, and after 2 weeks of severely limiting my carb intake, I no longer had any cravings for these bad foods! At the same time, I was able to have the occasional dessert or unhealthy carb without sacrificing my health (or my flat stomach!).

When I talk to people about easing up on the carbs they are eating, I often get the reaction of “But I LOVE my carbs, and I can’t do without them!” So these people are looking at cutting out or cutting back on these foods as a sacrifice. Looking at it that way, I can’t blame them for resisting making dietary changes! But a little success with healthy eating will go a long way. Trying our suggested 2-week plan of cutting out most carbohydrates in your diet, (found in our book Healthy Mind, Fit Body) will allow you to start making these connections, and using the mind-body approach to achieving your perfect body!

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