How to make your lunch work for you

Like many people in America, I grew up eating a sandwich for lunch (and when I was 15 I would eat 3 sandwiches at hmfb_lowcarbsandwichlunch!). I usually would also have an apple, maybe some potato chips, and a cookie or some kind of dessert.

This worked okay for me as a growing boy. When I was in college and working out sometimes twice a day, I would usually eat a frozen pizza for lunch, since it was fast and easy! I was burning ridiculous amounts of calories swimming, so it didn’t seem to affect me all that much.

But, into my 20’s the high carb lunch stopped working for me. While working, I used to go to a place called Togo’s for lunch often. It’s a sandwich chain on the west coast, and they are known for their huge rolls. One day I realized that every time I had Togo’s, I would feel bloated and sleepy in the afternoon at my desk! Then I saw a presentation by a personal trainer who explained that some sandwich shops serve bread that gives you 10 TIMES the amount of carbohydrates you would need in an entire DAY!

I figured that I should start looking for thinly sliced bread. I started eating my sandwiches with just 1 slice of bread instead of two, and the results were amazing! No more bloating, not as much sleepiness, and best of all, fat melting off my gut!

Instead of letting your lunch work you over, make your lunch work for you!

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