Mo's Bacon Bar- Review

I was in Whole Foods today doing some work, and as I bought my cup of tea I noticed an interesting item near the checkout: Mo’s Bacon Bar, hmfb_baconchocolatewhich is a piece of applewood smoked bacon wrapped in milk chocolate! The idea is that people like salty things mixed with sweet things, and what doesn’t bacon or chocolate go with?

While a piece of bacon wrapped in chocolate sounds regrettably like something Homer Simpson would be drooling over, for fun, I checked the nutritional breakdown. Only 2 grams of protein per serving, 15 grams of carbohydrates, and 11 grams of fat.

If they were to add a little more bacon, take out some of the chocolate, and switch from milk to dark chocolate, I may be able to call it semi-nutritional- and okay to eat as an occasional treat. However, milk chocolate brings down the house here- too much sugar without the anti-oxidants to save it!
Still, the bacon aspect of the bar IS in fact fairly healthy, as it is not overly processed, and contains some good fat that will slow down the absorption rate of the chocolate into your bloodstream.

My conclusion? If you’re a bacon and chocolate lover, don’t deny yourself! Just keep in mind this is not exactly the stuff fit bodies are made of as part of a healthy diet on a regular basis.

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