3 – Do French Women Get Fat?


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Their health and eating habits may be getting worse…
Myth Buster: Don’t French Women Get Fat?
by Siobhan Roth

French Women Don’t Get Fat
by Mireille Guilano

Key take-aways:

1) Stay hydrated

2) Practice awareness, planning, and moderation

3) The right types of snacking are good, such as nuts, which are filled with micronutrients and fat (long-term energy)

4) Eating at home makes it easier to eat the right foods

5) Be active, whether it’s walking to run errands or exercising at the gym

6) However, exercise isn’t the holy grail to weight loss; you must reduce intake of carbs (thus reducing your insulin secretion)

7) Consider your food and eating habits to be an esthetic experience; eat for pleasure, rather than mindlessly

8) Self-motivation and self-responsibility are essential to creating and maintaining the optimal you

9) Avoid the self-sacrificial ritual of “diets” (and the eventual relapse from them)

10) Be mindful of procrastination…

by Stefan Molyneux

11) In order to resolve self-conflicting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, it’s vital introspect and explore your subconscious via sentence completion exercises (found in the Addendum of our book Healthy Mind, Fit Body)

Once again, too many “experts” are leading people astray about how to lose weight, by promoting the calorie and/or exercise theories

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