87 – Aging, school foods, rodent brains on fat


(duration 20:40)

This show we cover a mix of things, starting with the stats on long-lived people in Japan. It turns out that many centenarians and super centenarians might not be alive! We share our thoughts about the aging process and maximizing one’s potential. Some Japanese relatives seem to be working the governmental welfare system. Speaking of “the system,” we cover some of the USDA’s newest guidelines for school lunches. Contrary to dietary dogma, dairy without fat is less healthy than dairy with fat. Consumption of dairy products may or may not be advisable; it varies across individuals (e.g., those lactose intolerant). Keep in mind that milk contains more carbs as well. Lastly, we cover a report about two rat/mouse studies showing that high-fat chow led to hypothalamic inflammation. Yet another example of research that unfortunately bolsters fat-phobia in our culture. See the purportedly non-inflammatory rat chow link below if you’re curious about its ingredients.


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Japan, Checking on Its Oldest, Finds Many Gone



Standard rat chow, anyone?

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