86 – Interview with 100 Plus author Sonia Arrison, part 2


(duration 20:43)

We finish our discussion with Sonia about increased longevity, starting with innovation via the benefits of free market dynamics. We also explore various ways to get involved in the anti-aging movement, including the do-it-yourself bio-community. Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence is a main organization involved in solving the problem of aging. Will humans be able to not only stop the aging process, but also reverse the damage that aging has wrought? Maybe, and repair of various damage looks promising, given advances in stem cell research, gene therapy, nanomedicine, etc. Various costly mythologies in our culture, which take our focus off individual flourishing, will eventually give way to a more life-enriching, wondrous, and prosperous future for ourselves and humanity in general.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Sonia’s site: http://soniaarrison.com

The costly nature of governmental regulations…
“The FDA and its legal penumbra are monstrosities that distort all of the usual incentives involving profit and progress, and steer them towards bad ends.”

Do-It-Yourself Bio


Explore the plans to solve the 7 deadly sins of aging…

The First Immortal by James L. Halperin

Francis Collins – Biotech and the Leading Edge of Medical Science

FM-2030: “If it is natural to die then the hell with nature. Why submit to its tyranny?”


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