56 – Man v. food, metabolic advantage


(duration 16:06)

In this show, we follow up with last week’s episode discussing the junk food diet and calories. We also explore excessive calorie consumption in relation to Adam, the host of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel. Needless to say, “getting the t-shirt” takes a toll on the body. Did paleo humans eat low-carb? By today’s SAD (Standard American Diet) standards, yes, even though some ate moderate carb diets (~40% of calories). So, should we go on a snack-food diet in order to prove it’s bad effects? We conclude no, as we address a listener’s points, one of which was for us to increase our caloric intake to see if we’d gain body fat and adversely affect blood readings. Fortunately, such studies have been done (clinical and controlled, not just anecdotal), showing the beneficial effects of what Atkins noted as “metabolic advantage.” In other words, as long as your insulin secretion remains low (as a result of eating low carb), increasing fat intake will typically not cause increases in body fat. The same can’t be said for most people who increase their carb intake, since those extra carbs will tend to be stored as fat and kept there, courtesy of insulin.

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