37 – Interview with Dr. James Carlson, part 1


(duration: 35:41)

In this show Kevin interviews Dr. James Carlson, who provides us with a wealth of biochemistry knowledge and experiences with patients (and fellow physicians) concerning the ills of the typical dietary (and thus drug) prescription by most health care “authorities”–as well as the vast benefits of eating the proper foods to ensure health and longevity. His book “Genocide: How Your Doctor’s Dietary Ignorance May Kill You!!!” explores these issues in fine detail, including the four myths: eating fat makes you fat;. eating cholesterol causes heart disease; calories are important; exercise is needed to lose weight. In actuality, a low carb, higher fat and adequate protein eating regimen is preferred for humans. Unfortunately, medical doctors were never taught this, and they tend not to care about the truth in this vital matter; a paradigm shift in med school needs to take place.

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Weight Loss with a Low-Carbohydrate, Mediterranean, or Low-Fat Diet


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