What kind of meat do you eat?

I was listening to an interview on the Jimmy Moore show with Jonny Bowden. Bowden was discussing this idea that some studies will say they show that meat is bad for you, when in fact they are leaving out some important facts.

You will hear things like “Americans consume too much meat. That’s why they have a high rate of heart disease and obesity.”

The problem with this assumption is that lots of studies don’t take into consideration a few things:

1. What type of meat is being consumed? Is it the junk you will find at most fast food restaurants, or is it healthy, omega-3 rich grass feed beef? Usually it’s the former.
2. What is the level of carbohydrate consumption? Of course if you eat a high carb diet, whether or not it’s combined with meat, this is bad for your health.
3. Are they eating a lot of vegetables and fruits?

Persons who consume a fast food diet are typically not getting enough in the way of fruits and veggies, nor are they too worried about their sugar intake. So, even though it’s not a good idea to eat low quality meats, saying “meat is bad” does not tell the whole story.

Being that there are different levels of quality in meat, it is important to always shoot for the highest quality you can, but also to realize that the extra carbs are going to be worse for you in the long run than lower quality meats here and there. Protein, after all, is vital for your health (as is the fat in protein sources). The same can’t be said of carbohydrates, even though many in the nutrition community recommend it as the staple—hence, the poor state of health for most of those who follow their “guidelines.”

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