Lose Tummy Fat Fast?

I’ve seen lots of promotions from various companies promoting the idea of losing tummy fat fast. Their methods typically will include doing lots of exercise, or using some contraption like the infamous “abdominizer”, a sure thing to waste your money and your time!

I even remember several years ago they were promoting on TV some kind of device that you put around your stomach that would create electrical shocks to get rid of the fat! Sadly, I knew smart people who fell for this nonsense.

Well this subject falls near and dear to my heart. Several years ago, I was a skinny guy with a gut. I exercised every day, often twice a day, but could not get rid of my tummy fat! Here are a few ideas on how to lose tummy fat as fast as humanly possible (and not have to spend lots of money or do massive crunches):

1. Cut the sodas completely out of your diet.

2. Get out of the habit of having desert after meals. You can replace the cookies with fruit. If you must have desert, consider a small piece of heart-healthy dark chocolate instead of a calorie-laden slice of chocolate cake.

3. Walk for exercise. Especially if you’re just starting out, there is absolutely no reason to think you have to complete huge monstrous workouts to lose tummy fat.

4. Replace carbohydrates with more protein and fat.

5. Skip the bread where you can. Making a sandwich for lunch? Cut out half the bread.

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