7 – Cookie diet and other fads


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For those not knowledgeable of the Cookie Monster…

Sesame Street: Kermit And Cookie Monster And The Mystery Box

A Few Cookies a Day to Keep the Pounds Away? by Abby Ellin

Most diets are geared towards caloric restriction (based on the calorie theory of weight loss), so they lead to relapse

The “fat fast” diet is the fastest fat-burning regimen, but it’s not good for long-term health and fitness

A “low-carb diet” isn’t a “diet” per se; it’s a way of eating relatively less carbs as a lifestyle

Many institutions (e.g., ADAs) keep people in a condition of unhealthiness

The unwise extremes: the fad diets and the typical high-carb (complex carb) diets

It’s important to examine our self-conficts and childhood experiences with food…

Parents Can Help Their Children Grow to Love Vegetables Posted by: Dr. Mercola

Walking the walk as a parent is key; model that which you want your kids to do, rather than berating or forcing “good” food on them

Eat your vegetables and stay away from the cookie diet!

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