145 – Medical establishment problems, rapid antigen tests, personal empowerment amidst domination systems


In this episode to round out 2020, we focus on a way to end the pandemic via making cheap rapid antigen tests widely available to individuals (sans prescriptions), so everyone can be informed and empowered (instead of being told what to do by so-called “authorities”). Unfortunately, the medical establishment tends to resemble an unhealthy system similar to government, which doesn’t consistently help humans flourish, but rather protects its own interests and hinders both innovation and delivery of more efficient and effective remedies to the marketplace. Choice clips are played of a conversation that Lex Fridman had with Michael Mina, an epidemiologist and public health engineer at Harvard who has been advocating to remove the senseless FDA (et al.) impediments to at-home testing for covid-19. Moreover, humanity needs to transcend the current paradigm of domination systems, replacing distrust, fear, and control with the Teal organizational paradigm of self-management, wholeness, and purpose (reinventingorganizations.com). Everyone will benefit immensely as a result, both mentally and physically.

Embracing My Mental Health and T1D: Lydia’s Story

Fast Coronavirus Tests: What They Can and Can’t Do by Giorgia Guglielmi, Nature magazine on November 19, 2020
Covid Testing: What You Need to Know by Tara Parker-Pope and Katherine J. Wu

Michael Mina: Rapid Testing, Viruses, and the Engineering Mindset | Lex Fridman Podcast #146

Fauci Explains How to End the COVID Pandemic by Charles Schmidt

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