54 – Fitness theory to practice with guest Keith Norris


(duration 39:26)

In this episode, Kevin interviews fitness enthusiast and trainer Keith Norris, and they discuss the motivational aspects of peak performance and many of the finer points of maintaining a fit body and healthy lifestyle. For example, in order to ensure that you get your workouts, train in the morning or schedule an appointed time, which you’ll be less likely to let slide. Keith’s idea of “Physical Culture high life” entails realizing and experiencing the positive mental components and mind/body integration benefits of physical training, such as high intensity interval workouts. The ability to focus and the ability to apply intensity are two keys to fitness psychology (“brief, brutal, and basic,” as Keith says). Learning to “listen to your body” is also an important aspect of your overall wellness. Our knowledge of exercise science is ever-expanding, and implementing reasonable rules of thumb instead of meticulously calculating things helps to keep everything in perspective and serve your well-being. You are “an experiment of one,” so make sure to question “authorities” and be the scientist of your own body.

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