39 – Healthy confidence and optimal lifestyle eating


(duration 23:27)

We discuss a mix of things in this show, starting with my recent experience with food poisoning (wasn’t pretty) and Kevin’s July 4th holiday foodstuff experiences. Confidence comes with being aligned with what’s healthy and good for you and being able to achieve your values in life. And confidence in how you look ought to be a reflection of doing what’s healthy for your body (unlike what the endeavoring-to-be-1000-pounds woman believes). Basically, everyone can be physically fit and healthy. A couple listener questions involved, first, why low carb/high fat/adequate protein eating is good for you, no matter if you already are your perfect weight (based on the insulin factor), in addition to some pitfalls with grains and potentially with dairy and, second, the relative merits of the grain-like seed quinoa. Also, Dr. Weil comes clean and admits that saturated fat is ok and that carbs are detrimental, giving a strong nod to the keen investigational research of science writer Gary Taubes.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Tasty Thai soup

Woman wants to be world’s fattest
N.J. mother of two is striving to top 1,000 pounds

Fat or Carbs: Which Is Worse? by Andrew Weil

Grain-like seed

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