18 – Addressing nutritional bologna with guest Tom Naughton of Fat Head


(duration 40:54)

In this episode we interview the creator of the documentary film Fat Head: You’ve been fed a load of bologna

Fast food may not be healthy, but most food people buy in the grocery store isn’t too healthy either

Compared to paleolithic humans, we have way more access to carbs

Though self-responsibility is key, we’ve all been given a lot of bad information, such as that fat is bad and abundant carbs are ok

Unfortunately, most journalists are sympathetic to regulation and taxation, which CSPI promotes, in a vain attempt to control people’s choices and supposedly make the world a better place

The so-called lipid hypothesis, that eating fat raises cholesterol and causes cardiovascular disease, was flawed from the start

Rather than being objective, science is often controlled by those versed in politics; thus, a small group of people in power can have a detrimental influence on the eating habits of an entire country

Without the FDA and USDA (and their special interests), companies would have to compete in the marketplace for ensuring safe products for their customers

Cheese fried in coconut oil is not bad for you; it’s actually beneficial!

Check out the fat experts from fathead:

Most vegetable oils are not healthy for humans

Since fats are delicious, it’s not hard to convince kids to eat them :)

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad science out there, and bad reporting on it; confirmation bias is prevalent

Passing laws doesn’t educate people; coercive, one-size-fits-all edicts don’t support self-responbility and respect individual choices

Check out Tom’s blog on his film’s site: http://fathead-movie.com

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