14 – Living Low Carb with Guest Amy Dungan


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Amy Dungan joined us from http://healthylowcarbliving.com

The insulin factor in fat gain and fat storage is often overlooked

To prevent “yo-yo” dieting, it’s important make permanent changes to your eating lifestyle

Explore important facts and common myths

Given that our culture is inundated with carbs, a “low-carb” diet is actually just lower carbs

Low fat/high carb diets foster hunger pains and more carb cravings

There is no real need to eat a certain amount of carbs, but your body will definitely malfunction without fat and protein

Aside from the insulin factor, gluconeogenesis explains a lot about the metabolic advantage from a low-carb diet

Make sure to eat quality foods; they may be more expensive, but you’ll save physically and medically in the long run!

Focus on measuring your bodyfat percentage on occasion, rather than stepping on the weight scale every day!

Per unit volume, muscle is more dense than fat and weighs more

You can be motived while you lose weight by keeping your vision of your future self in mind (generating a new self-image and self-concept), as well as by getting positive feedback from people in your social circle

Our culture of eating not-so-good foods can pose challenges to not succumb to negative peer pressure

Eating a lower carb diet will boost your immune system–and improve your blood readings–by reducing your insulin secretion

Very educational documentary film about food and eating:

The medical establishment and nutrition industry can only deny the errors of their ways for so long…

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