12 – Breakfast for champions of fat loss


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Darker honeys tend to have more antioxidants (and minerals), e.g., wildflower or better yet buckwheat honey

Frozen veggies and frozen berries are always good choices (thaw in microwave)

Make sure to get the plain (unsweetened!) whole yogurt, which you can sweeten (if need be) with whey protein power, berries, or stevia

Ten Worst Breakfast Cereals by Joseph Mercola

Breakfast is a necessary component to effective weight loss, but that doesn’t mean cereal is good for you

Breakfast Skippers Beware. You Could Be Increasing Abdominal Fat Storage. by Paramjit Sidhu

Various nut butters, such as almond butter, are good sources of energy

Juicing veggies is another great way to obtain vital nutrients

Eggs (preferably Omega 3 enhanced), containing fat and protein, go well with veggies and meats (yet watch out for sodium nitrite/nitrate in bacon, ham, and sausages)

Try to avoid grains, breads, and cereals (pancakes and waffles with syrup are hormonal disasters!)

Breakfasts Around the World by Brynn Mannino

Yo-yo dieting can be remedied by introspecting and dealing effectively with self-conflict

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