6 – Food rewards and punishments


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Make sure you get enough vitamin D production from sunlight (or use supplements)

How Much Vitamin D Do You Really Need?

Why do people “reward” themselves with junk food? To be part of the group? To fit in? To not be labeled “too healthy”?

Individuality and independence are keys to health

Some sample sentence completion exercises

After I reward or punish myself with food, I feel…
like i didn’t have to do that
that i could have made a better choice

Right before I indulge in my favorite bad food, I think…
I deserve this
I only eat this once in awhile
I’ll really enjoy it
it’ll lift my spirits
it’s my way of taking care of myself
I don’t think
I just do

In order to treat myself differently, it’s important that I…
recognize my pattern of behavior
come to terms with my feelings
accept the feelings that I have and not disown them
learn to see how my short-term pleasure affects my long-term goals
enjoy healthy food
disfavor unhealthy food

If I were to see unhealthy eating as a way of taking care of myself…
I would see that I deserve better
I would have more compassion for my feelings
I would try to comfort myself with truly good things
I would see self-damaging behavior for what it is
I could see food as something that’s good for me, rather than a guilty pleasure
I would evolve into the self that I aspire to be

There are psychological payoffs for both good and bad patterns of eating

Fat-rich foods (such as almonds) are good to snack on in order to feel satiated

Self-esteem affects (and is affected by) the way we eat; honoring yourself means not being at war with your deeper self-knowlege

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