144 – Aerosolized nanobodies, RNA vaccines, institutional problems, beef for health, non-sacrificial ethics


Amidst the highest number of SARS cov-2/covid-19 cases in America and tragic fatalities during the pandemic, potent antivirals from UCSF (YT link below) and Columbia, for instance, could end the needless suffering and restrictions rather quickly. Meanwhile, RNA vaccines tend to be the main focus by institutions, both corporate and governmental; such top-down structures sacrifice a lot of needs. Messenger RNA vaccines (by Pfizer and Moderna) prime the immune system to recognize certain proteins on the coronavirus and seem relatively safe. Next, we explore an erroneous and fear-mongering article about beef (“red meat”), health, and the climate, generated by The Lancet. Various infographics on SacredCow.info (new well-researched book and documentary) help clear things up. Finally, we cover the last question set in Branden’s list, this time regarding your life belonging to you, as an end in yourself (rather than a means to others’ ends). The contradictions and harm done by the culture’s sacrificial ethics are addressed, as well as the non-sacrificial process of nurturing our connection needs, among others.

Aerosolized Nanobodies [AeroNabs] for SARS-COV-2 Passive Immunization

The COVID Cold Chain: How a Vaccine Will Get to You

addressing the question of RNA vaccine safety…

Climate Change and Health: Lancet Says Eating Less Beef Can Save Lives, Cut Heat


Two books by Nathaniel Branden containing the important questions about childhood

Question # 24. Did your parents encourage you to feel that your life belonged to you? Or were you encouraged to believe that you were merely a family asset and that your achievements were significant only insofar as they brought glory to your parents? Were you treated as a family resource or as an end in yourself?

Center for Nonviolent Communication, Needs Inventory

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