133 – Empathy distribution, psychedelic movement issues arising from domination systems


We really need systems involving free minds and free markets to remedy the unjust systems that continue to diminish people’s lives and well-being throughout society. Power-over strategies tragically run deep in present systems, from families to governments. Empathetic understanding remains vital, along with the pillars of self-esteem, as well as Teal organizational practices. Domination systems revere command-and-control hierarchies, which sacrifice a multiplicity of needs, especially trust and empathy. Coercive, legalized monopolies work to hinder choice and flourishing. Various mental health apps being developed by corporations (Orange-stage or even Green-stage) present sizable problems, including conflicts of interest regarding governmental systems (Amber-stage). Living consciously is really needed in the process of transformation, in order to let go of demand-oriented thinking and punishments and attune to empathy and honoring the self.

COVID-19 and the Harsh Reality of Empathy Distribution by Peter Sterling

The Future of Management Is Teal by Frederic Laloux (Exhibit 1 shows the various color stages, e.g., Amber, Orange, and Teal)

Calm Down. What’s the Worst Thing That the Wellness Industry Could Do to Psychedelics? by Russell Hausfeld

Compass Pathways is threatening to create a magic mushroom monopoly by Olivia Goldhill

Complete Liberty Chapter 6 – Ending modern day letters patent by Wes Bertrand

Psychedelic drugs may transform mental health care. And big business is ready to profit from the revolution. by Jeffrey M. O’Brien -Fortune

Alcohol ‘more harmful than heroin’ says Prof David Nutt

Two books by Nathaniel Branden containing the important questions about childhood

Question #13. In your parents’ expectations concerning your behavior and performance, did they take cognizance of your knowledge, needs, interests, and circumstances? Or were you confronted by expectations and demands that were overwhelming and beyond your ability to satisfy?

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