107 – Unconditional self-love


(duration 23:33) We return from an extended summer hiatus to discuss the nature of unconditional love and unconditional self-love. The internal dialogue with ourselves needs explicit attention and understanding, in order to become more integrated and loving. What does it mean to put conditions on love, and what does forgiveness mean—and how does this relate to self-love? Imagine a world in which children’s self-worth is unconditionally accepted, which means that their persons are honored for who they truly are, without judgment of good or bad, or right or wrong. Now, imagine having your child-self treated with unconditional love. This is a process you can cultivate within yourself, so that you learn to treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

Here’s a sentence stem to complete with 6-10 endings for more insight, especially more subconscious understanding…
If I can practice unconditional self-love, I might…

The theme of love and healing chalked on the sidewalk was created by Autumn:

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