95 – Interview with Sweet Potato Power author Ashley Tudor


(duration 41:55)With our guest Ashley Tudor, we explore the ins and outs of the splendid root known as the sweet potato, often called “yams” in grocery stores (which is a misnomer because yam is actually a different, much less nutritious species and a tuber not a root). Sweet potatoes are a helpful addition to an athlete’s dietary regimen, offering extra carbs for training without the extra fructose that comes with fruit. And contrary to popular opinion, grains are not great. It’s important to beware the harmful effects of overtraining, as well as of extra carbs, even if they’re from sweet potatoes. Benign dietary ketosis (burning fat exclusively) is fine, though as in any regimen, it’s important to pay attention to your body’s signals. Sweet potatoes can be cooked and consumed in lots of ways, not just baked (check out Ashley’s book for recipes:). It helps to quantify yourself in terms of getting baseline readings and optimizing your health; e.g., a glucometer can be a useful addition. Also, treat your body well in terms of reducing stress and maintaining a good sleep cycle.

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Ashley Tudor’s website for her new book, Sweet Potato Power: Smart Carbs, Paleo And Personalized


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