Simple eating

After our interview with Sarah Fragoso, I started thinking about cooking, how little of it I do, and the challenges of being single and making meals for just yourself!

I don’t like to get elaborate with my meals. In fact, I keep it incredibly simple, yet, healthy and tasty. Here’s an example of a typical lunch I have:

-Cook up some ground beef on the stove (or take out leftovers from the night before).
-Add a spice to the meat (like cumin!)
-Pour some mixed frozen veggies into a bowl
-Microwave them for 1:30
-Add some olive oil
-Cut up an avocado, add about half to the bowl of veggies
-Add 1/2-3/4 pound of the cooked meat into the bowl


I do several variations of this. Sometimes I will use guacamole, olives, or cheese in place of the avocado (or in addition to!). Sometimes I will do turkey, fish, or even canned tuna (in that case I need pickle relish, not paleo but necessary to me!). Also, when I use meat, I will sometimes add spaghetti sauce as well (always opting for the lower sugar content in the sauce, preferably no sugar added).

Oddly, I never get tired of this meal. With the variations, I can go through a week of eating lunch and dinner in, and never have the same meal twice! I know I can get much more creative, but many nights it seems there isn’t much time to slave over a stove- and I know I can easily get healthy, tasty nutrition quickly with one of my standards.

So the recipes such as the ones on are great & not hard, but keep in mind you can not cook much at all and still get to your perfect body!

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