48 – Freeing the animal with guest Richard Nikoley


(duration 36:28)

In this show we interview Richard Nikoley, whose blog promotes “expressing our primal genes for lean health, vitality, and attractiveness.” Understanding our nature as “rational animals” entails living as individuals who can make the wisest choices for ourselves, based on evolutionary fitness insights. Low-carb higher fat and adequate protein eating is a great start, and a paleo regimen just takes this to its logical conclusion. High intensity, brief workouts are great (chronic cardio, not). Being overweight is indicative of a broken metabolism, not bad genes. Intermittent fasting has positive health benefits. Probiotics (good bacteria) can be acquired in all sorts of natural ways, which don’t involve yogurt (ditch the anti-bacterial soap!). You have bare hands, so give bare feet a try.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Richard’s site

Evolutionary fitness proponent Art Devany

for the adventurous paleos…Man Eating Bugs: The Art and Science of Eating Insects

next best thing to going barefoot…

bumper music “All In My Head” (Remix) – http://www.kosheen.com

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