Natural Movement: How to add more fun into your workouts

Over the weekend, I was in San Diego on the beach with Wes (of HMFB fame) and found myself in need of a workout, but didn’t have a lot of time. So we took a walk and cooked up a little fitness course. It was very simple, and fast!

There was an empty life guard tower on a mound of sand, and behind it was stairs going up to the boardwalk in two directions. There were some bars on the life guard tower. Not a lot to work with, but we made do.

1. Pull yourself over the bars and jump down the tower stairs.
2. Crawl down the mound of sand.
3. Sprint to the stairs and do a loop- up one side and down the other.
4. Sprint back to the tower, repeat.

We did 4 rounds of this, and WOW that workout packed quite a punch for both of us! The warm-down walk back to the car was well-needed.

The thing about this workout is that it is simple & fast, yet, it works all the muscle groups and energy systems. Walking, sprinting, pulling up, and crawling does a body good!

What is your favorite workout?

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