The Anti-Wrinkle Diet

I just saw a headline on for this Anti-Wrinkle Diet.

Here’s the premise:

“When dermatologists checked the skin and diets of 453 people from Australia, Greece, and Sweden, they found that while a healthy diet can’t erase damage done by years of unprotected sunbathing or smoking, it can help.”

I tend to agree with that. An unhealthy high carb diet can certainly accelerate the aging process.

Here’s what the diet consists of:

“Have More of These
Olive oil
Low-fat milk
Water and tea
Fruit and vegetables
Nuts and nut butters Beans”

Not too bad, except the milk and beans may cause some gut irritation.

“Have less of these:
Red meat
Cakes and pastries
Soft drinks
Full-fat milk

Ok, I agree that cakes, pastries, soft drinks, margarine, and potatoes are good to avoid.
But butter can be okay, red meat for the most part is healthy, and if you’re going to drink milk, full fat is actually better for you than low or non fat!

The rest of the recommendations seem completely reasonable:

“1. Put more fruits and vegetables on your plate.
2. Order salmon when you’re dining out.
3. Have a cup of sugar-free cocoa.
4. Cut back on white bread and sugar.”

I think “wrinkle-free” is a bit of a gimmick, but they have some of the basics down to avoid wrinkles. Generally, stick with a low carb, no grain diet, and you will be putting yourself in the “anti-aging zone”, and avoiding many of the problems that your insulin-spiked high carb friends are either running into, or will at some point run into down the road.

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