Should you have "cheat days" on a diet?

Every once in a while I hear someone tell me they are “on a diet” and are looking forward to their “cheat day” which they have all planned out in terms of what they are going to eat.

The diet plans with cheat days usually involve eating a strict, low calorie (often low fat too) diet 6 days out of the week, and on the seventh day, you get to eat anything you want and as much as you want.

Is this a good idea?

Well, to start with, I don’t believe in diets. I’m not on one, and I eat what I want all of the time.

So the first issue I have with cheat days is that it assumes you are not eating what you want 6 of the 7 days of the week. How fun are those 6 days???

So what is the solution? NEVER have any fun days??


I’d much rather “have my cake and eat it too” (although cake is not a good option here if you follow along with what I’m saying!). The important thing is not being a perfectionist, but to actually change your taste buds so that you crave the foods that are good for you, and not the crap that will give you low energy, extra fat, and leave you wanting more of it!

So, I’m not in favor of diets…or so-called cheat days. Change your tastes by making a psychological break from the foods that aren’t doing you any good. Then start replacing them with great tasting foods that are also good for your health!

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