What is your reason?

In our interview with Mark Sisson, he revealed that he works out and eats healthy in order to look good. There is nothing wrong with that, but some people seem to think it is shameful to have personal goals of simply looking good!

Perhaps the reason is that there’s this notion out there that selfishness is a bad thing, and sacrifice and doing things for others is the only way to be a good person.

But ultimately, most of us do nice things for other people because it makes us feel good ourselves. And if everyone were to just help other people, and no one did things for themselves, what would happen to us? I think we may all lose the self esteem to function!

Seriously, in order to hit your goals, they have to be congruent with who you are as a person. If you want to lose 50 pounds but carry the idea around that “thin people are bad”, then you will have a tough time achieving this goal. Similarly, if you want to lose weight just to look better, but at the same time you hold the idea that this is somehow wrong, then you will likely not get very far along with getting to your optimal weight.

Come up with a reason or two that work for you. Don’t worry about what other people might think, focus on what it is that you are truly after, and your path will become a lot less frustrating and a lot more fun.

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