23 – Interview with Jimmy Moore of livin’ la vida low-carb


(duration 43:00)

Jimmy joined us to explore his own health and nutrition journey as well as the wisdom of the low-carb lifestyle

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Anybody can lose weight, so what matters is maintaining a healthy nutrition lifestyle for the long term

Sometimes carb substitutes with quality ingredients can assist in making your low-carb lifestyle satisfying

Low cholesterol is not necessarily healthy, and high triglycerides are not healthy either–both induced from high carb/low fat eating

Living the low-carb life is actually pretty simple, once you grasp the essentials of it

Blood tests are important to get baseline readings and to monitor your health progress

For instance, the NMR lipoprofile test and the VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) test are good ones

Vitamin D test (25 Hydroxy) is also important
more good info at http://www.grassrootshealth.net/

SIP (Silent Inflammation Profile) test is another test to consider

In addition to blood glucose testing, the A1C (glycated hemoglobin) test is useful for determining your (3-month) average blood glucose levels

Proper nutrition and diet is a great start, but psychological/emotional issues also need to be addressed during one’s journey to a healthy mind fit body

Regarding resistance training, try starting out with weight machines rather than the free weights; and, try a super-slow workout if you’re pressed for time!

While there is some disagreement over the details of what’s good for people, the essentials are pretty well understood in the low-carb community

Check out Jimmy’s new book, which has a wealth of insights and stories of his journey to the truth in health and nutrition:

21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: How The Healthy Low-Carb Lifestyle Changed Everything I Thought I Knew
and http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/?p=6459

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