Fast Food Nation

Today, I drove from my home in San Diego, CA to my parents’ home in the SF Bay Area. It’s about an 8 hour drive (well with L.A. traffic it took me almost 9!), and I like to make my stops brief.

On road trips I always bring plenty of snacks. Today I munched on cashews and a Mojo Bar (lower carb cliff bar). But, snacking for me is not enough, and within 8 hours I need a substantial meal. Today I pulled off the highway in the middle of nowhere to gas up and get lunch. My options were:

Pizza Hut
Popeyes Chicken
Taco Bell
In N Out Burger

(Yes it was a major truck stop in podunk, CA!)

While I was leaning towards going to In N Out and ordering a burger “protein style” (meaning, no bun), I was concerned about the wait. So I opted for Subway (I ended up waiting 20 minutes in line anyway!). I ordered the Subway Melt, and the bread options were limited so I ordered it on Flat Bread (which is just as high in carbohydrates as my other options). I’m not crazy about Subway because: 1) even with peeling off some of the bread, it’s still a lot of carbs, 2) the meat they use is processed and has nasty nitrates and phosphates as preservatives, and 3) it’s very average-tasting.

Here’s the calorie breakdown of the Subway Melt:
Total Fat: 12g
Total Carb: 48g
Total Protein: 28g
Total Sodium: 1620mg

Wow. Well, if you take out let’s say 1/4 of the bread, as I did today, it’s still a little carb-heavy but not too bad. But that 1620mg of sodium is shocking to me. No wonder I was so thirsty after eating that sandwich!

I guess I’m still searching for something healthy in the fast food nation of truck stops!

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