Hemp Protein Powder & Breaking Rules

Yesterday, I went to my local Trader Joe’s grocery store for some shopping. One item that I needed was protein powder. For years I’ve been using Designer Whey protein, but this time I decided to go out on a limb and try something different- Hemp Protein, vanilla flavored. Usually I mix protein powder with my yogurt, so this was definitely taking a gamble- I had no idea what the taste or texture would be.

This morning I had my goat’s milk yogurt, and mixed in 4 tablespoons of the hemp protein (12 g protein). It’s green in color and thicker hmfb_hempthan the Designer protein. I REALLY didn’t like the idea of turning my yogurt green! But surprisingly, the taste was pretty decent! Not sure I liked it as much as Designer, but definitely eatable.

Then I was looking at the container it came in. I was shocked to see that this “protein powder” had 17g of carbohydrate, including 5g of sugar per serving!!! I definitely broke a cardinal rule- I failed to read the label before I made the purchase.

I can still put it to use, but knowing the info on the carb content will change how I am using it. Two positive things to mention is it also has 11g of fiber per serving, as well as 500 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids, so by itself it is definitely a healthy food item- but don’t be fooled like I was and think you are actually adding just protein to your meal or smoothie!

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