A Healthy Thanksgiving?

Pretty much anything I can write here, coming from a health and fitness site, will probably sound like preaching and taking the fun out of one of America’s favorite holidays!

I’m not going to take a lot of time to berate people over eating poorly on Thanksgiving.

But, here are a few quick tips to enjoy the day and keep you health:

1. Do some exercise, but don’t feel like you have to run a marathon to burn off all the calories you are about to consume. Just going for a walk in the morning and after dinner is great!

2. Enjoy dessert, but keep the not-so-fun carbs to a minimum. For example, it’s perfectly fine to skip the potatoes and rolls, since you will likely be getting plenty of other carbs in your meal!

3. Keep alcohol to a minimum. This will surely impair your judgment and you will almost certainly overeat!

4. Don’t skip meals. Even if you are eating your Thanksgiving feast in the mid-afternoon as many people do, don’t allow yourself to get super hungry in the attempt to enjoy your food more! You will definitely overeat and pay for it with an expanding waistline if you do.

Also, inevitably, someone will point out that eating all that tryptophan from the turkey is what makes you tired. Nonsense! It’s the carbs, not l-tryptophan that causes you to crash after Thanksgiving.

Have fun & enjoy the day!

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