Is Mexican Food Healthy?

chipotleI was just listening to one of my favorite business podcasts, and one of the hosts mentioned Chipotle Burritos, and how much he loves them. Then he lamented the fact that there was a Chipotle restaurant right in the building he lives in, and he could be eating a burrito within minutes…noting that this is dangerous considering the guacamole and sour cream they use.

While these two ingredients, along with the cheese, are made up of a lot of dietary fat, they are the least of your worries if you want to stay slim or lose fat from your body.

I checked out this fun site

You can add and subtract ingredients and see what the nutritional content becomes.
A burrito bol can be a pretty healthy, low carb meal. However, adding in the 13″ totilla gives you another whopping 42 grams of carbohydrates! This is the major problem with burritos in general, not what is inside.

I did also notice another negative with Chipotle. Even with the healthier burrito bol, you are ingesting over 1000 mg of sodium! A little much for just one meal.

So does this answer the question, is Mexican food healthy? The answer is, like with many types of food, “it depends”.

A good rule of thumb when you’re not sure is to opt for the low carb option. Even if you are in a bind and fast food is the only option, taking out part of the bun or tortilla will result in lower insulin production and overall lowering the chance that your body will store extra fat from that meal. And don’t forget to hold the rice!

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