5 – Separating diet facts from diet fictions


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Typical American diet is pretty bad, so most alternatives are better

Vegetarian/vegan camp does offer some benefits in the realm of vegetables and healthy fats

Skinny Bitch/Bastard books even make some good points, such as that we should question “authorities” (e.g., the FDA)

Eat To Live book doesn’t consider all the evidence for lower carb, higher fat, and meat protein diet

We must always beware of confirmation bias and try to falsify various claims by doing some research

Donuts rule! No, not really. ;)

Eating lots of fat along with lots of carbs is not good for you (but lots of fat is ok with less carbs)

Don’t be married to your diet ideas; question your assumptions by exploring the evidence!

How about elk for breakfast, elk for lunch, and elk for dinner?…healthy, but not very exciting (wild game meat has important amino acids and fatty acids)

Insulin is the key hormone related to fat storage and fat loss (regardless of some people’s ability to process carbs without much fat gain, due to their genes)

Mouse studies often don’t translate to humans

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