Questions and answers on The Healthy Mind, Fit Body book

We composed this post before the launch of the book, but the Q&A is still pertinent! Feel free to add your comments below.

QUESTION #1: Is this a diet plan? I thought that diets didn’t

Well, as explained in the book, “diets” don’t work. This is because when you view your eating lifestyle as a diet regimen that you MUST adhere to, it becomes a unrelenting task of staying on course in unfamiliar domain.

Old habits of eating are hard to break, because comfort can be derived from returning to what is familiar. Andthere may be a lingering thought in the back of your mind that questions whether you’ll be able to eat this way for the rest of your life (or even the rest of the year!). Your mind may reflect on past broken promises to yourself and determine that the diet is just a means to an end (to get back to your ideal weight).

This is why it’s crucial to look at a new way of eating as a new way of being, an end in itself–essentially, a new lifestyle that better serves your well-being. Your way of eating basically represents myriad points in time that you make conscious and subconscious decisions to treat your body (and mind) in a certain
way. How much introspection you’ve done to resolve the potential for relapse will determine your success.

So, this book will not only inform you of the “what” in relation to diet and fitness; it will also help you ascertain the “how.” A life of optimal health will be yours for the taking, and you’ll look back at your old ways as you would a person who has made a mistake and is need of compassionate guidance.

QUESTION #2: Is this really going to help ~me~?

This is a vital question. If you’re ready to help yourself, then this will definitely help you. You possess all the psychological resources to achieve and maintain your optimal level of health and fitness. Even if you have reservations about embarking on a new way of dealing with food and exercise, there is a part of you that is beyond such reservations. There is a part of you that does have the ability and can attain what you want.

In the book, we provide you with all the basic and even more detailed aspects of taking care of your body and making sure that you are doing the best for yourself. And by exploring your subconscious thoughts and feelings to the end, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently deal with any residual concerns or setbacks.

The person that you want to become is waiting for you. There’s never a better time than the present to start living your ideal life of a healthy mind and fit body!

QUESTION #3: Will this help my athletic performance?

The great thing is that as an athlete, I (Kevin) understand the energy levels needed to train for and compete in triathlons. The Healthy Mind, Fit Body not only will allow you to tap into far higher energy levels, but with the mental work, will also help you push past any obstacles, accomplish your goals, and achieve a “no limits” positive, happy lifestyle.

QUESTION #4: How is this different from the countless other fitness
programs out there?

Perhaps you’ve heard many of the aspects to a healthy mind and fit body in the past, from a variety of sources, but were these aspects integrated into something completely comprehensible?

HMFB is an easy read, to be sure, but it’s also a succinct amount of information that brings you up to speed with the best knowledge about achieving and maintaining the optimal you. We’ve never seen any book of this kind delve into the psychology entailed in achieving and maintaining an optimal level of health and fitness. Sentence completion exercises really get to the root of what is causing relapses and setbacks.

By doing the 7-day sentence stem program in the Addendum, you’ll be attaining a degree of psychological clarity and power that leaves virtually all other health and fitness programs and books in the dust.

QUESTION #5: Why should I listen to you guys?

Unfortunately, even folks with many letters behind their names can be off the mark and lead people astray. Both of us are quite familiar with the information disseminated by both nutritional experts and psychologists, and we’ve found some things lacking (and some things wrong). This is the primary reason we wrote the book!

Wes’ psychology and fitness background and Kevin’s experience as a competitive athlete and now triathlon swim coach helped us in the direction of this book. But no matter how educated one is in the realm of diet, health, and exercise, it all comes back to the basic facts: The nature of food in relation to weight management, health and fitness, and the nature of the human mind and behavior.

By staying grounded in reason and reality in this all-important realm, Healthy Mind Fit Body seeks to integrate the key aspects of living healthily and happily. We’ve made sure to fact-check various conflicting claims and steered clear of questionable claims about nutrition. This is something that most mainstream nutritionists have yet to fully consider. The disastrous results are quite apparent–for example, most Americans are overweight and about a
third are obese!

Clearly, all the present “experts” are either missing something or promoting the wrong things. Healthy Mind Fit Body seeks to remedy this problem.

We invite you to partake in the results!

Kevin & Wes