111 – The underminer


(duration 20:35) In this episode we explore the nature of the underminer, a major aspect of inner critic that directly diminishes self-confidence and self-respect, detracting from a sense of efficacy and worth. Self-trust gets undermined in the process too, and this is fostered by various domination systems, which question our worthiness, don’t honor our choices, and detract from our inner well-being. Children in families and schools tend to internalize these detrimental processes. Being able to tolerate judgment or failure becomes much more difficult, since the underminer views oneself as “less than,” or not good enough. All this tends to be rooted in shame, which undermines one’s capabilities for growth and joyful, purposeful action.

Taking action-oriented steps to achieve objectives can counter the underminer’s influence. The falsehood in its messages about self can be recognized and understood as not helpful. Early experiences that undermined self-esteem need not be perpetuated in adulthood. They can be reflected on with compassion, leading to much healthier integrations about oneself.


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